Our Services

With stringent quality control measurements implemented at every level of business, we are pleasured and confident to show our enthusiasm and ability to provide –time after time-the services those continually meet the high standards of our own an customer expectations, and which exceed the business regulation requirements.

Testing & Commissioning

We offer high quality and efficient testing, commissioning maintenance and troubleshooting services.
We have tested and commissioned several power systems projects up to 380kv in Saudi Arabia

Our services include:

  •     Testing of relays of all types and makes,
  •     Scheme and function testing for protection& control panels,
  •     Testing of primary injection, bus bars and transformer stability.
  •     Testing of 132kv, 220kv,380kv GIS.
  •     Testing of outdoor switchgears.
  •     Testing and calibration of energy meters.
  •     Testing of 13.8kv and 33kv switchgears.
  •     Performing on-site training to QM staff.
  •     Measurements of overhead line parameters.
  •     Factory testing of panels.
  •     Performing on-load measurements.
  •     Testing of ACDBs, DCDBs, auxiliary transformers, NERs and RMUs.
  •     Smart grounding measurements.
  •     Providing testing engineers along with world-high class test equipment.

High Voltage Testing

With our testing units, we provide complete on-field high services. Our unique services, pertaining to cables and power systems range from certification testing and equipment life assessment to emergency failure analysis and fault detection.

Our services include

  •     High volt test of 13.8kv, 33kv switchgears.
  •     High volt test of 13.8, 33kv XPLE cables.
  •     VLF testing of equipment up to 100kv.

Transformer Testing

We offer testing and oil treatment services for transformer.

Our services include

  •     Testing of transformer, shunt reactors and capacitors banks.
  •     Vacuum services
  •     Performing frequency response measurement
  •     Measurement of inrush current
  •     Measurement of harmonics
  •     Transformer turns ratio
  •     Vector group test
  •     Winding resistance test
  •     Insulation resistance test of transformer winding core & polarizing index,
  •     Magnetizing  current test
  •     Capacitance & tan delta of winding & bushing
  •     Short circuit test (impedance measurement)
  •     Single phase impedance
  •     Magnetic balance
  •     Transformer oil Bdv test
  •     On load tap changer function test
  •     Testing of fans
  •     Calibration of oil and winding temperature sensors by heating & injection current,
  •     Supervision equipment functional checks
  •     MCB test at marshalling
  •     Check of current transformer
  •     Oil filtration for power transformer, shunt reactors and capacitors banks,
  •     Fan test

Supply Services

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as one of valued contracting & trading house. We are proud to be one the best suppliers and Traders for most of the big organization in Saudi Arabia. We laid our Foundation at the dawn of an age in which the petroleum , power Generation, transmission & light industries & Constructions would Flourish like never before, we are expanding our horizons to serve Petrochemical plant, power plant & Substation, heavy & light Industries, drilling companies, production factories, civil projects, Oil & gas field projects, government projects, and beyond that.

Contracting services

In a rapid changing industry, we have Strived to provide matchless & superior customer services (design, installation execution inspection, maintenance, testing,Building constructions & other services) to fulfill customers Requirements. This simple concept is our mission.From the very first day our mission was quite visible, that is “attaining perfection in engineering designing while researching for Improvement, delivering quality equipment, setting it up as per Predefined local and international standards, carrying out
Comprehensive testing & commissioning as well as offering services Such as preventive and corrective maintenance”To keep abreast with the needs of our valued customers, We have successfully established a  dedicated core group with Qualified and proficient engineering team possessing work Experience of more than 25 years in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia Who are well admired by Saudi electricity Co. and various prominent Companies as well.

Furthermore, we are capable to provide you qualified Man-power(engineers, technicians, and workers), boom trucks,  forklifts, test Equipment & all other required equipment/tool to serve our Customers as per quality & safety  standards for all activities & Equipment. In-other-hand, it is our pleasure to handle the business As LSTK or partially.

Engineering service

Design (engineering), construction, installation , & testing 380kv/110kv/13.8kv protection relays installation testing and Commissioning

  •  Load shedding relays installation, testing and commissioning
  •  Controls panels erection, installation and scheme check
  •  Synchronizing panels erection and installation and scheme -check
  •  AVR(Automatic voltage regulator) panel erection, installation, scheme check, testing and commissioning
  •  Annunciation panel erection, installation, testing and commissioning
  •  Mosaic panel installation, testing and commissioning
  •  ABTS (automatic bus transfer switch) panel erection installation
  •  Scheme check, testing and commissioning
  •  Energy meter panel installation, testing and commissioning
  •  Transducer panel installation, testing and commissioning
  •  End to end test and close loop
  •  High voltage test
  •  Stability, scheme, function, interface tests
  •  Verifying overall interlocking check
  •  Testing and commissioning of power transformer up to 500mva
  •  Shunt reactors and capacitor banks testing
  •  Perform oil filtration and oil testing
  • 13.8 kv switchgear erection, testing and commissioning
  • 110kv GIS testing and commissioning
  • Fault recorder testing, sequence of event recorder testing
  • ACDB, DCDB, Auxiliary transformers, NER , NGR and RMU,
  • Installation, testing and commission
  • 13.8kv XLPE cable testing
  • Earthing measurements/testing
  • Overhead line & 110kv panels parameters testing
  • Relays & control panels factory testing
  • On load measurements testing
  • Substation equipment calculations, preparing as-built drawings and
  • Compiling
  • Energization procedure for  EVH and HV substations
  • Preparing and modifying scheme of nem and existing substation
  • Protection relays setting calculations for EHV/HV/MV substations
  • Trouble shooting of EHV and HV substation equipment
  • Yearly maintenance contracts of substations
  • Providing all types of electrical protections scheme to all categories
  • Contractors
  • Renting of testing engineers, electrical technicians &  testing
  • Equipment
  • Preparing and finalizing as built drawings including all modifications for clients
  • Punch list clearance of different  contractors as lump sum projects
  • Technical assistance and consulting services to power, industrial as well as infrastructural customer
  • Coordinating with main and subcontractors in SCADA  and telecommunication systems
  • Transmission lines services
  • Laying, testing & termination for underground power cable.
  • Design & installation termination for underground power cable.
  • Design ,installation &testing services for capacitors banks.
  • Cable jointing &testing
  • Breakers load testing/ relay testing