Safety Policy

QM believes in total safety awareness such that each employee fully understand his own safety responsebilies. QM recognizes that this can only be achieved by effective safety introduction of new employees , on going safety training ,the continuous assessment and

And  re-evaluation of the company”s commitment to safety by the exemplary behavior of all management and supervisory personnel in all aspect of the company”s activities.

Incidents can be avoided by proper planning preparation ,awareness

Of potential hazards , the use of suitable tools and equipment and heightened safety awareness. Every QM employee, from General Manager to labourer, has a responsibility  to ensure that, within his own sphere of responsibilities he does not, under any circumstances,

Compromise any aspect of the duties or responsibilities which could in any way ,cause increase of risk of incidents which might result in injury to himself, his colleague or third parties.

Effective quality entails attentions to detail and company wide unreserved commitment. similarly our safety policy requires that every employee and official of the company is unreservedly

Committed to achieving our ultimate safety target, with zero incidents. QM will not compromise safety for speedy construction and we insure that every activity associated with our business will be conducted safely. Our primary consideration in the evaluation of the success of completed projects is that the projects  safety records will reflect zero lost time accidents.